St. Tropez Purity Mini Kit


The St. Tropez purity mini kit includes both the body mousse and face mist.

  • Complete, clear self tan starter kit.
  • Effortlessly spray the face mist, or massage the mousse into the body, the clear sheen aids flawless coverage.
  • Rinse-free, on-the-go formula, the products can be seamlessly worn in public – perfect for busy people, transparent and develops in 4 to 8 hours without transferring.
  • Creating a medium glow that lasts for days.
  • Energising tropical scent, a revitalising alternative to traditional self tan, enjoy the summer vibes of this innovative fruity scent.
  • Cleaner, naturally derived tanning actives, offers client confidence.

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How to use:

Cleanse face/ body before use, spray evenly over the area, avoid contact with the eyes.

For longer results lightly exfoliate the area prior to use.

Rinse- free formula, tan develops in 4-8 hours, rinse off at the end of the day or the next morning.



  • St.Tropez purity bronzing water face mist 14ml
  • St.Tropez purity bronzing water mousse 50ml