St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist 80ml


The St. Tropez purity face mist is an ultra-lightweight, micro-spray system allowing the formula to apply so delicately whilst creating a gorgeous, healthy looking glow.

Alongside an easy application which can be added to your daily makeup routine, the product will guarantee a flawless sheen which can be built up to your desired colour.

  • Ultra-lightweight texture which refreshes and revives skin
  • Tropical, uplifting fragrance
  • Infused with naturally derived ingredients
  • Skin protecting
  • Clear mist, no need to rinse off

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How to use:

Cleanse the face and decollete before applying.

Golden tan develops in 4-8 hours, clear light- weight mist fine to leave on in public, no need to rinse off.

Size: 80 ml