Mobile spray tan body treatment

Body Treatments

Enjoy a range of body treatments to awaken your senses and transform your body and mind. The ideal body treatments to be added on to a massage or on their own. Helping to improve the appearance of skin and texture, eliminate toxins, cellulite, water retention and inches.

St. Tropez Spray Tanning- 30 mins

Glow from home, with the iconic St. Tropez spray tanning treatment. A bronzed physique has an uplifting and slimming effect, giving an instant confidence boost making you look and feel great. Wonderful preparation for a special occasion or monthly treat, besides the worry of skin damage from harmful UV light, you can have that year round glow, in a 30 minute treatment with either 1- 3 hours or 8 hours developing time.


This detoxification treatment uses a dry brush and gentle massaging action to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system. Thus, helping to eliminate toxins and water retention. As well as improving the appearance of the skin and cellulite, leaving the skin firmer and smoother.

Exfoliation- 30 mins

Our Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin scrub is a citric exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow. Vitamin C and bitter orange extract help fight the signs of ageing, by promoting collagen production and stimulating cell renewal. Therefore, leaving your skin complexion more glowing and youthful.

Body Wrap- 60 mins

Choose from one of our divine firming and toning body wraps, or anti- ageing body wrap treatment. Proven to help tone and soften the skin, also remove toxins, water retention and best yet- inches! Made from a combination of natural minerals and herbs, the benefits are noticed immediately. Besides that, the Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Body Lift cream is formulated with anti- oxidants and peptides. Helping to increase the density and firmness of skin, while diminishing stretch marks and encouraging collagen and elastin production. Perfect for all skin types.

Specific Body Treatment- 90 mins

Tell us about your concerns (cellulite, poor circulation, uneven skin texture, etc..) because we will design a treatment specific to you. Including your choice of brushing or exfoliation, massage, essential oil, wrap and finishing cream.

Deluxe Full Body Experience- 120 mins

A complete treatment for the face and body, tailor made for you and your requirements. Based on our sumptuous and luxurious products that will give you an instantly glowing complexion, exceptionally smoothed skin, reduction of toxins and great inner balance. The perfect full body treatment while promoting ultimate relaxation.

Medical Acupuncture

Our medical acupuncture treatment is the subcutaneous insertion of fine needles into the body. Based on the theories of anatomy, physiology, myofascial trigger points and also the effects on the nervous system. Therefore this treatment is great incorporated with soft tissue massage. Also, releasing knots, trigger points, localised and referred pain, increasing blood flow, releasing endorphins and as a result promoting relaxation, better sleep quality and a more positive mind set.

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Body treatments from £40.