The Little City Spa, sports therapy and injury treatments

Injury Treatments

With a BSc Degree in Sports Therapy and MSc Degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine, our dedicated therapist provides injury assessment and individual treatment to combat your injury, aches and pains. The aim is to promote, restore and prolong physical independence, by enhancing a client’s functional capacity. Whether it’s pain from sporting injury, everyday postural problems or repetitive strain there will be a treatment to help you!

A thorough consultation will take place with assessment of the range of movement, pain levels and functional use. The correct treatment plan will then be formulated which may include: massage, myofacial release, mobilisations, manipulations, acupuncture, trigger point release, active and assisted stretching and exercises to complete at home. We may also advise follow up treatments.

If we feel further diagnostics are needed a GP referral letter can be provided. If pain doesn’t subside after a course of treatments we will refer you to the next best health care professional.

For more information about us or for any queries, please contact us.