St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist


Create a natural, sun-kissed tan with St.Tropez’s classic bronzing spray. A flawless ultra-even tan is effortlessly achieved with this quick-drying and lightweight spray.

A streak-free application is effortlessly guaranteed, whilst the added aloe vera ensures ultimate hydration. The innovative formula effectively caters each skin tone, meaning each client can achieve a tan that suits them. A natural finish is also guaranteed by the elimination of the self tan aroma by St.Tropez’s Aromaguard™ Fragrance Technology.

Fast and effective tanning results are guaranteed by this easy to use mist with no transfer and a 4-8 hour development time.

  • Lightweight classic tan bronzing spray
  • 4-8 hour development time
  • Streak free application
  • Natural, golden colour
  • No self-tan smell
  • Added Aloe Vera provides an ultra-hydrating formula
  • No transfer

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How to use:

After exfoliating, evenly spray across the body.

Reapply a second coat if necessary.

Without the delay of waiting for the product to develop or the clean-up of rinsing a coloured mist.

Size: 200 ml