Exercise Swiss Ball 70cm & 75cm With Pump


The Anti-Burst Swiss ball is a premium exercise ball to be used for many different sports and exercise needs. You can use it as part of your Crossfit, Yoga, Pilates or general fitness routine. A great tool to enhance posture, performance, flexibility, strength and muscle tone.

Great to sit on at work as an ‘office ball’, to help improve posture, activate deep core muscles and prevent back pain. Can also be used as a pregnancy aid.

If you want peace of mind while exercising on a Swiss Ball, or are pregnant or injured, this is the ball for you. With its anti- burst rating of 550kg, it’s also free from any harmful chemicals, and features a non- slip surface for extra security.



The inflatable Anti-Burst Swiss Exercise ball is non- slip and comes with a pump that will quickly inflate your ball so you can start getting into your exercises.

They are free from the most toxic Phtalates Chemicals, contain no heavy metal, and are made out of PVC.  Safe to use for everyone.

Inflation instruction: Take out the inserted white plug (air stopper) from the ball, insert the tip of the pump and inflate the ball to a good size, and then replace the white plug back into the hole quickly. 

Please note that with time and use the ball can slowly deflate and will need topping up occasionally.


  • 60cm Exercise Ball is suitable for anyone from 5’0″ tall.
  • 65cm Exercise Ball is suitable for anyone from 5’5″ tall
  • 70cm Exercise Ball is suitable for anyone from 5’7 tall.
  • 75cm Exercise Ball is suitable for anyone 6″ or above tall.

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60cm, 65cm, 70cm, 75cm