Vita-Antioxidant Defence Creme Plus


The Vita- Antioxidant Defence Creme Plus can be used in combination with Vita-Peptide Intensive Serum 4 Plus, this powerful moisturising crème is enriched with a high concentration of vitamin A and C, as well as several antioxidants that help to combat the effects of free radical damage.

It also contains a dynamic combination of peptides and moisturisers that help to visibly reduce the signs of ageing, keeping skin looking beautifully healthy and radiant.


Please note for new customers- for this Environ product you will need to fill out a short consultation form regarding your skincare regime. This is due to the high levels of active vitamins making them prescription strength.

** To order Defence Creme Plus you will need to be approved for these high strength products, if you have not already filled out a consultation form please email us so we can approve your order:


How to use:

Defence Crème Plus should only be introduced when skin is already comfortable with the Youth EssentiA Intensive Serum 4 Plus and Antioxidant Defence Crème as a duo. This product can then take the place of the Antioxidant Defence Creme.

1. Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ Skin Care products.
2. Apply Intensive Serum 4 Plus in combination with Defence Crème Plus. (Environ recommends that consumers first introduce Intensive Serum 4 Plus, and after 2-3 bottles then introduce Defence Crème Plus).
3. Use morning and evening.
4. The dynamic duo of Intensive Serum 4 Plus and Defence Crème Plus is the ultimate step in the Youth EssentiA® Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ Range.


Scientific research has shown that:

  • Vitamin A is known as the skin normalising vitamin – it forms the basis of a normal, healthy and well-functioning skin and therefore helps to promote healthy-looking skin.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant which assists in the prevention of the effects of free radical damage and helps to improve the visible signs of ageing.
  • Clinically advanced ingredients such as Sepicalm™, Mixed Tocotrienols 92 and Malt Secrets® push the boundaries of youthfulness by revealing the appearance of a more even, smoother and youthful-looking complexion.


Weight: 100g

Dimensions: 175 x 75 x 75 mm

Size: 35 ml


Retinyl Palmitate (A), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and B12, Green Tea Extract, Lutein, Sepicalm VG WP, Mixed Tocotrienols 92, Malt Secrets