St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse


St. Tropez’s classic bronzing mousse provides skin with a radiant, golden tan, perfect for special occasions or an everyday glow.

This lightweight mousse enables easy, even application and is ultra-hydrating to ensure a healthy, long-lasting tan and an even fade.

This fabulous mousse ensures easy, streak-free application and will cater to every skin tone and type. With a quick-drying, comfortable formulation, the classic mousse is great for busy clients and will leave skin feeling soft and smooth after use.

Fast and effective tanning results are guaranteed by this easy to use mist with no transfer and a 4-8 hour development time.

  • Provides skin with a radiant, golden tan
  • Ensures easy, streak-free application
  • Ultra-hydrating formula leaves skin soft and nourished
  • Ensures a long-lasting glow and an even fade
  • No self-tan scent


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How to use:

After exfoliating, apply evenly across the body and massage in.

Reapply a second coat if necessary.

Without the delay of waiting for the product to develop or the clean-up of rinsing a coloured mist.

Size: 240 ml