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The Use of Massage over the Years. 

Where our love Began.

The use of massage therapy dates back thousands of years, with indications that it was practised in India long before the beginning of recorded history. Archaeological evidence of massage has been found in many ancient civilisations including: India, China, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Rome and Greece.

In the middle- ages medical knowledge, including massage, made its way from Rome to Persia. Many of these manuscripts were translated in the 9th century and back into Latin in the late 11th century.  Then translated again in the 15th and 16th centuries. Therefore helping to enlight European scholars as to the achievements of the Ancient Greeks.

This renewal of the Galenic tradition during the Renaissance played a very important part in the rise of modern science.The introduction of massage to France occurred around 1776 AD. Thus paving the way for highly developed Chinese medicine and massage, to Europe. It was not long after that Swedish physical therapist Pehr Henrik Ling established the classic Swedish massage we all know (and LOVE) today.

Types of Massage Therapy

In the United Kingdom there are many types of massage including:

  • Swedish; varying from light and relaxing to vigorous, using long gliding strokes, kneading rhythmic tapping and frictions.

  • Deep Tissue; a slower, deeper and firmer pressure massage which also targets the fascia and connecting tissues.

  • Sports; the manipulation of the soft tissue/ muscle in order to prevent or improve sports injuries, the incorporation of passive stretches and muscle energy techniques works very well.

  • Thai; traditionally based on a combination of Indian and Chinese traditions of medicine, combining acupressure, reflexology and assisted yoga postures (founded in 500 BC by Shivago Komarpaj).

Not to forget more recent techniques such as Hot Stone, Lava Shell, Bamboo and Cupping.

Treat the Body, Calm the Mind, Heal the Spirit. 

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage have long been understood and in the United Kingdom popularity is still growing with the increased awareness of health and personal well-being.

Typically, the benefits include: 

  • Reduced muscle tension and increased muscle flexibility; which can help reduce malalignments, pain and headaches

  • Improved blood circulation 

  • Improved lymphatic drainage

  • Increased endorphin release and promote a sense of relaxation

  • Eliminate toxins 

  • Improved sleep and reduce fatigue 

  • Helps immunity by “boosting white blood cell count” (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2010)

Albeit, just a handful of the great effects massage can have on the body and mind. Whichever massage treatment you decide, always ensure the therapist is adequately trained and insured to provide the treatment.

Due to being a Sports Therapist myself I will always conduct a client consultation, to investigate the need for treatment and what will be the most beneficial treatment plan (taking into account any medical history). Typically, a mixture of massage/ soft tissue therapy, mobilisations and therapeutic exercises; which ultimately encompass the promotion of healthy muscles and joints and overall well-being. With a broad and specified knowledge I can safely and effectively mobilise the muscles and joints to improve and prevent injuries.

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