Pilates/ Exercise soft Ball 10 Inch


The Pilates/ Exercise ball can add some variety to your yoga, Pilates or exercise practise. It can be of particular benefit when working on pelvic floor or core strength areas. The ball will enhance your workout and help develop strength, endurance and concentration as well as to help promote relaxation and coordination. The Exercise Ball is also great for those recovering from injury or illness.

  • Allows you to isolate and work specific muscle groups.
  • Can be used for Pilates, yoga and physical rehabilitation.
  • Is ideal for performing pelvic floor exercises.
  • Various sizes are available for diversity throughout your workout.
  • Offers you excellent non-slip grip.
  • Comes with blow straw and two stoppers.
  • Size Diameter – 26cm (10″ Inch)

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  • This soft ball is 26cm/ 10″.
  • Made from an anti-slip material offering fantastic grip.
  • Comes with blow straw and two stoppers.