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Corporate Massage & Wellness initiatives in the workplace

Coping with the stresses and strains of modern life.

Bad backs, sore necks, aching shoulders, frazzled minds and restless feet. These are all problems you will find inside a modern office, and all are problems that can be solved inside a modern office too, with the help of mobile massage treatment. 

Corporate massage is the perfect antidote to workplace stress, tension and pain, leaving your team rejuvenated, refreshed and posture realigned for the week ahead.

Health Response UK reports Musculo-skeletal (MSK) conditions as the leading cause of absenteeism and related cost to UK companies; roughly 30 million sick days a year. Back and neck pain are the most common causes of MSK related sick days, often recurrent and timely. Around 15 million sick days a year are taken due to employee stress, anxiety and depression. Mental health is an issue many organisations cannot afford to ignore; costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year as found by the Time to Change campaign. Yet, for every pound spent on wellness programmes, medical costs for companies fall by approximately £3.27, and absenteeism costs drop by £2.73.

Every year 300,000 people in the UK with long-term mental health conditions lose their job.

Lord Dennis Stevenson and the former CEO of Mind, Paul Farmer, have created a report on mental health at work. Their findings show that the UK is facing a much bigger mental health challenge than previously thought, and stressed the need for employers to do more for their staff’s well-being.

Why corporate massage works

From fewer sick days, to spending less on healthcare costs and the stresses of last minute employee cover, you can bCorporate massage treatments, The Little City Spauild a better team through a wellness plan that’s right for them and right for the company.

Reduce back and neck pain

Back and neck pain can cost employers hundreds of pounds per person. Holding a BSc. in Sports Therapy & MSc. in Sports Medicine I can help treat and prevent these common postural issues.

Boost morale

There are few things better than a well deserved break during the working day. A 20 or 30 minute in- office treatment to disconnect from the desk will fit perfectly.

Alleviate stress

Tense minds and tired muscles carry stress and strains, accounting for more than a third of all sickness notes. With mental health awareness being more prevalent than ever, corporate companies still have bad reps for looking after the well-being of their staff. Massage is a medicine- free solution to this ever increasing corporate world problem.

Our tailored mobile massage treatments are the perfect antidote to the stress, pressure and heath issues caused by the corporate world. Whether it’s a one- off session as a reward, such as mental health awareness week or an end of year party; or a more regular employee wellness programme, it’s a great way to reward hard working staff.

I know that budget is important so packages can be tailored for every client to make sure it’s not only an effective health care solution, but an affordable one too. Prices start from £50/ hour*. 

Based in South- West London (Richmond/ Twickenham) we service all areas of London, outer London and The City of London; as well as Bath and Bristol city.

If you would like to ask any questions, have a different location or to discuss the options available to you please contact us or call Becky on 07522606316.