Cellulite and Fluid Retention

Summer Sunshine, Shorts and… Cellulite?

Wake Up Winter Legs.

After what felt like the longest winter, the days we have finally all been waiting for are upon us. With the sun beaming, our much loved shorts and dresses are out, but what to the wandering eye should appear… it’s ripply, it’s dimply, yep it’s cellulite!

Affecting around 80- 90% of women, cellulite is a natural yet disconcerting issue for many when it comes to wearing shorts and skirts throughout these warmer days. With so much nonsense and misguided information surrounding this topic, I hope to make things slightly clearer to aid this issue.

As the leg care guru’s Legology have helped explain: “Cellulite describes an area where normal fat cells have been distorted by retention of fluid around them, and tightened connective fibres”. Therefore, the idea that cellulite can be treated with the ‘removal’ or ‘break down’ of the fat, is not the case. It is an issue that can only be treated with approaches that encourage the body’s own lymphatic drainage system, to reduce the fluid that becomes trapped around the fat cells. Hence why cellulite can look worse during certain times of the month. While it manifests in areas where there is a density of fat cells, it is more to do with what’s going on in the space around those cells rather than the fat itself. Treat the FLOW not the FAT.

Poor circulation, lymphatic/fluid retention and changes to the collagen structure are some of the key issues. Luckily there are a few simple measures you can take to help reduce the appearance, improve the texture and promote happier legs.

Cellulite forms in areas with the least circulation.

Enhancing Circulation

The muscles in the body are one big pump, working together with the heart to transport fresh oxygenated and nutrient rich blood around the body while expelling lymphatic fluid and waste products.

Increasing the circulation by exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Whether it is by walking, yoga, cycling, strength training or rebounding (an exercise class involving a mini trampoline).

Massage is also a great supplement for the treatment of cellulite. I provide Legology’s leg contouring treatments all over London; incorporating deep massage to knead, lift, squeeze and mobilise the muscular masses to release sticky adhesion and fascia, with lymphatic drainage strokes to aid drainage.

Less fluid laying beneath the skin will significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite, linking to our second point…

Reducing Fluid Retention

It may sound counter productive but… drink more water! The NHS recommend drinking 6-8 glasses of fluid everyday. The more water we drink the less our cells will hold on it, combine with low- moderate sodium consumption to help de- puff ankles and legs. For cases of mild water retention natural diuretics can help, such as: coffee, green and black tea, dandelion extract, parsley, and hibiscus. These can increase the amount of urine you produce and help your body expel excess water.

Body oils with stimulating and diuretic benefits can also help to reduce fluid around fat cells, which will improve the overlying look and texture of the skin. Try Legology’s Cellu-Lite, containing Siberian fur, Juniper, Eucalyptus and Lemon.

Body brush! The greatest and simplest tool in the beauty box; use dry or in the shower for a few minutes each leg, start at the ankle and brush upwards all the way to the buttock, in short strokes mild pressure is adequate to aid the superficial lymph drainage and remove dead skin cells, resulting in instantly softer skin texture and evened skin tone. Body brushing treatments are also provided as one of our Body Treatments

Must Do’s

Unfortunately around the age of 30, our body’s naturally stop producing new Collagen. It’s the building block to make our skin structure firm, supportive and supple. Factors such as sun damage and smoking can also lead to premature Collagen damage. Therefore once our connective tissues become shorter a dimpling effect can appear on the surface of the skin. Make sure you wear a good SPF and protect your skin from the sun.  

The good news…

  1. Staying active can certainly help with lymphatic drainage and therefore the appearance of cellulite, not to mention your overall health. Incorporate cardio and strength exercises.

  2. Consume a balanced diet and remember to drink lots of water.

  3. Body brush to aid the blood flow to outer layers of fat and skin to remove toxins; resulting in improved skin texture and tone.

  4. Protect your skin with SPF to prevent premature collagen damage.

  5. See a professional for a non- surgical Cellulite treatment. Or treat yourself to a Legology signature Leg Contouring Treatment (available at various locations around the UK).

Remember these simple steps and indulge in a healthy and happy leg summer.

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