Summer Skin Care SOS

5 Tips to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Summer Skin Care SOS.

Finally summer time is upon us, sunshine, heat, being out in the fresh air; but with that can come an entourage of skin issues.

Oily skin can get even oilier, dry skin can become patchy and drier, and anything else in between can turn your once perfectly applied make-up into a slippery mess. Not to mention the spots and breakouts, red bumps and rashes to boot.

Here are some simple steps to help keep your face perfectly prepped over the summer months.

Cleanse Morning and Night

With all the sticky humidity, dust, pollution and residual sunscreen, the face can easily become greasy. Use a clay or cream facial cleanser to assist in refreshing the skins appearance and remove dirt and oil. This will help reduce the chance of breakouts by keeping pores clear. We love ‘Environs Mild Cleansing Lotion’ to lift surface impurities, while maintaining the effects of the skins natural moisture balance, giving the skin a soft, velvety after- feel.


Try mineral based make-up; they are lighter and allow the skin to breathe underneath.”

Firstly keep it simple, the more make-up you wear, the more pores can become clogged. In particular with base make-up such as concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer. Go light and only apply to the areas that really need it. Oil based and heavier make-up can fill the tiny pores in the skin, which can build up bacteria and sweat, resulting in acne, pimples and heat rash.

When you can, let your skin breathe, especially during the day. If au-naturel isn’t for you, try mineral based make-up. They are lighter and allow the skin to breathe underneath, wonders on a hot day. Jane Iredale does a great mineral make-up range, without the worry of any slide; it also contains a natural SPF for added sun protection. Leading onto our next point…


Stay safe out there! The FDA recommends using a broad- spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher and make sure you reapply every two hours (and straight after swimming or sweating).

A few things to note when choosing a facial sunscreen is that there are two types, chemical and physical.

Chemical sunscreen contain carbon based compounds which create a chemical reaction, changing the UV rays into heat, then releasing that heat from the skin. They tend to spread easily onto the skin so less is needed; although due to the ingredients, these can increase the chance of irritation and redness, as well as being more likely to clog pores in oily skin types.

Environ Sunscreen

Environs sunscreen skin protection.

Physical sunscreens contain active mineral ingredients (tiny reflective particles) that deflect the UVA and UVB rays away from your skin. These tend to last longer when in the sun, although not when doing exercise as it can easily rub/ sweat off. Physical sunscreen is a better option for sensitive skin types as there is less chance of irritation, and less chemicals being absorbed means fewer pores clogged and less chance of blemishes.

A sunscreen with both chemical and physical properties will offer great protection (prevent pigmentations, wrinkles and skin cancers); check compatibility by doing a patch test before and remember to apply throughout the day. One that we love is Environ’s RAD SPF, it also includes added anti-oxidants- vitamin’s E and C therefore offering protection in three different ways whilst also having many benefits on the skin.


Re-hydrate before you de-hydrate! 50-60% of a persons body weight is made up of water, it’s a major component of our muscles and organs. Seeing as the skin is the largest organ in the body, it’s imperative to stay hydrated throughout the day. Aim to drink 1.5 – 2 litres/ day minimum to keep skin cells hydrated and plump and to allow any fluid retention (puffiness) to disperse

A Hydration Spray is also great for hydrating and conditioning the skin whilst also setting base make up and conceal pores. Jane Iredale’s Pommisst Hydrating Spray is fantastic as it has the added benefit of pomegranate extract; a powerful antioxidant and UV protector.


It’s important to feed your cells on a daily basis, especially after a day outside. Sunshine, oxygen and pollution (free radicals) all deplete the vitamin levels which are essential for skin health.

One of the most important elements without doubt is Vitamin A, improving protection against the environment, balancing oil production and locking in the moisture. Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant which can reduce redness and inflammation, brightens the skin, as well as containing natural SPF properties. Vitamin E is also great for hydrating, repairing and healing. Use a moisturiser that contains all of these to achieve the most benefits, try a patch test to see which brands suit your skin needs.

Sarah Chapman’s ‘Dynamic Defence Concentrate SPF 15 moisturiser’ and Environ’s Skin Essentia ‘AVST’ or ‘Youth Essentia’ range have both packed in all these wonderful vitamins, anti- oxidants and peptides.

Take on board some of these tips and have a golden summer!

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